SENTIERRI Premium Concept is your partner in breaking fashion barriers and making an entrance to be remembered.

More than 20 years ago, in 1997, starts the story of our business as a textile processing one. It is not merely a business for us, but the realization of our common life and passion, which is reflected in the entire essence of our company.

We produce only the finest quality men’s suits for a range of occasions, from daytime style and sophistication to evening luxury.

We design striking and cozy coats and jackets for ladies looking to upgrade their outfits and perfectly complement their daytime apparel or a glamorous evening dress.

We are committed not only to high quality, but also to versatility and multi-functionality. This is why our designs come in a wide range of colour palettes to allow our clients to fully customize their looks.

At SENTIERRI, we care about your safety and security. This is why, beyond our luxury fashion products, we have decided to also produce high-quality protective equipment suitable for medical, laboratory environments, and more.

Our growing team consists of 50+ professional employees, who are constantly working in order to provide the highest possible quality to each of our customers.